Civil Bureau

Office Hours
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Monday - Friday
Closed on Holidays
(585) 345-3000 x3565

The Civil Bureau of the Sheriff’s Office has the responsibility of handling any and all legal processes in the county which are referred to the Office of the Sheriff.

The functions of the Civil Bureau include: 
     - the proper receiving and execution of all legal processes, including attachments, 
evictions, judgments, seizure orders, civil arrests and other summons

     - the maintenance of accurate records of all civil processes and transactions

County Law, Article 17, Section 650, acknowledges the Sheriff as an Officer of the Court. The Civil Practice Laws and Rules of the State of New York (CPLR) govern the procedures in civil judicial proceedings in all courts of the State and before all judges.  The CPLR sets forth the duties of the Sheriff in his role as an Officer of the Court.  The benefits derived from the Civil Bureau are realized specifically by the legal community and overall by the citizens of the community.  The Civil Bureau is comprised of one sergeant, one Deputy Sheriff, one principal financial clerk, and one financial clerk-typist.

Civil Payments:
1.  Can be made with any major credit, debit or pre-paid debit card:

online (24 hours/7 days) by clicking on the allpaid logo below
       (3.5% service fee applies - $3.50 minimum)
Allpaid logo
• by phone (24 hours/7 days) at 1-888-604-7888
       (5% service fee applies - $5.00 minimum)

in person
during business hours at the Sheriff's Office - Civil Bureau, 165 Park Road, Batavia
        (3.5% service fee applies - $3.50 minimum)

2.  Can be made with cash, check or money order - in person during business hours or by mail.
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