HR 218 /S.1132 Law Enforcement Safety Act

Wednesday, September 13 & Thursday, September 14
9:00am and 1:00pm sessions each day
To sign up for a date and session, please contact:
Chief Deputy Brian Frieday, 345-3000 x3504
Chief Deputy Joseph Graff, 345-3000 x3503

The Genesee County Sheriff’s Office will be conducting a handgun qualification course for retired/separated law enforcement officers from any law enforcement agency of Genesee County or any officers currently residing within Genesee County who also meet the requirements of the HR218/S.1132 Law Enforcement Safety Act. 

HR218/S.1132 qualification cards reflecting the style of handgun used (semi-automatic and/or revolver) and the date of the course will be issued to those successfully completing the course with a minimum qualification score of 80%. 

Class will commence in the gray classroom at the Fire Training Center.  Please ensure all handguns are unloaded prior to entering the classroom.  DO NOT bring a loaded handgun or any live ammunition into the classroom.

There is no fee for the course.  

To participate, each separated/retired officer will be required to: 

  • Meet HR218/S.1132 Law Enforcement Safety Act requirements; and upon arrival at the range, sign an Affidavit attesting to such.  Please do not sign prior to arrival at the range.
  • Possess a valid New York State Pistol Permit or current HR218 card.
  • Provide a current retired/separated photo ID from your former department/agency.
  • Have a safe, functional handgun for qualification – semi-auto and/or revolver.
  • Have a minimum of two magazines or speed loaders for revolvers, if desired.
  • Provide a safe, functional holster to be securely fastened on the outside of the strong side of his/her belt for qualification.  No cross draw, shoulder, inside the pants, pocket or ankle holsters will be allowed on the range.
  • Provide a minimum of 50 rounds factory ammunition for each firearm you are qualifying with.  Each qualification will consist of a 50-round course.  You will be required to supply the ammunition if additional qualification rounds are necessary.  
  • Bring eye and ear protection as well as a baseball-style hat.