Police Bureau


Included within the Police Bureau are:
- Sheriff’s Office Administration
- Clerical Support Personnel
- Road Patrol Division
- Criminal Investigation Division

The Sheriff’s Office Administration is comprised of:
- Sheriff
- Undersheriff
Chief Deputy Road Patrol
- Chief Deputy Criminal
- Sheriff’s Confidential Secretary

The Clerical Personnel consists of:
- Principal Financial Clerks
- Financial Clerk-Typists

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The Road Patrol Division of the Sheriff's Office maintains mobile police patrol units assigned to areas within the County. The Patrol Division is the basic operating unit of the Police Bureau with the responsibility for performing the tasks which meet the Department's Mission concerning police related services.

The general functions of the Patrol Division include:
- the enforcement of any and all laws and apprehension of violators
- investigation of suspicious and criminal activities
- crime prevention
- preservation of public peace and the maintenance of order
- regulation of human conduct consistent with the police role and providing police related public services.

In a democracy, police agencies are charged with the task of enforcing laws and protecting lives and property. County Law, Article 17, Section 650 acknowledges the Sheriff as the County conservator of the peace. For years, the Genesee County Sheriff’s Police Bureau has been serving the citizens of the Genesee County community, providing a safe and secure atmosphere to work and reside.


The Criminal Investigation Division of the Sheriff’s Office serves to support and augment the Patrol Division in meeting the Department’s Mission.

The functions of the Investigation Division include:
- investigate criminal and non-criminal incidents
- legally obtain information and evidence to identify the person(s)responsible for the incident
- arrest offenders
- recover stolen property
- county-wide drug enforcement
- present the best possible case for prosecution.

Criminal investigation requires specialized training, skills, and techniques that are not normally available to the Patrol Division. In addition, criminal investigations often require long hours of painstaking work which patrol officers cannot afford to take from their regular patrol duties. The benefits derived from these duties are to the Department, the Community and to the citizens we serve, in offering and providing professional investigative services.

Use of Force Policy