The Sex Offender Registration Act (Act) requires the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (Division) to maintain a Sex Offender Registry. The Registry contains information on sex offenders classified according to their risk of re-offending: low-risk (Level 1), moderate-risk (Level 2) and high-risk (Level 3).

The Act requires that the Division maintain a Subdirectory of Level 3 Sex Offenders and that the Subdirectory be accessible to the public. The Act also permits a law enforcement agency, such as the Genesee County Sheriff's Office, to disseminate limited information about Level 2 Sex Offenders. The site provides public access to information from the Division's subdirectory of Level 3 Sex Offenders and to information about Level 2 Sex Offenders that the Sheriff's Office has decided to release. Information on sex offenders may also be obtained by calling the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Sex Offender Registry at 1-800-262-3257 or at www.criminaljustice.state.ny.us.

The Division collects information about registered sex offenders from the registration agency, which may be a court, a State or local correctional facility or a probation or parole agency, or from the sex offender directly.

Users are cautioned that the information provided on this site is information of record that is reported to the Division. The Division does not independently verify this information of record. Consequently, the information provided on this site may not reflect the current residence, status, or other details regarding an offender. The Division and the Sheriff's Office make no express or implied guarantee concerning the accuracy of this data.

The main purpose of providing this data on the Internet is to make the information more easily available and accessible, not to warn about any specific individual. Users are cautioned that positive identification of an individual cannot be conclusively established by comparing name, date of birth or other information with that provided in this Subdirectory. Comparisons based upon appearance may also be misleading and cannot establish a positive identification without some possibility of error.

Anyone who uses this information to injure, harass, or commit a criminal act against any person may be subject to criminal prosecution.


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