Travel Advisory, Road Closings And Travel Bans

Travel Advisory: Roads are not closed. No unnecessary travel is advised. Travel advisories are generally issued based upon such factors as poor visibility, slippery roads, numerous accidents, blowing and/or drifting snow are on the roadways. Example: A trip which could wait until the advisory is lifted should not be made; a trip to the store for non-essential items; a trip to rent a movie, etc. The Genesee County Sheriff's Office does not determine the necessity for any individual to report to work.

Road Closings: Road closings are issued when road(s) are impassable. Often times these road(s) are barricaded, or law enforcement is physically present blocking the roadway. Individual roads may be closed due to a number of factors (ie. an accident, blowing/drifting snow, poor visibility, etc.). You may be cited for a violation of law if you travel on a closed road.

Travel Ban: Means the roads are officially closed. Only emergency travel is allowed (police, ambulance, fire, doctors, nurses, etc.). Non-emergency travelers may be cited for a violation of law when traveling during a travel ban. Note: Countywide travel bans in Genesee County are rare.