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Fish & Ponds

Pond Management Workshop
Pond management seminar, Alexander, NY August 1977.

The Genesee County SWCD offers technical service for pond site evaluation, management, fish stocking program, and can assist with applying for required DEC permits. 

NYSDEC Stocking Permits
A Farm Fish Pond License is required from NYSDEC  before stocking fish into any water of the State that is privately or publicly owned. NYSDEC issues several permits that authorizes fish stocking. More information can be found at

Farm Fish Pond License Application

Application for a Permit to Stock Triploid Grass Carp

SWCD Fish Stocking Program
The District accepts fish order forms throughout the spring and summer. The fish are brought to our district office 2-3 times a year for pick up by the pond owners. Pick-up days are typically held during cooler temperatures in the spring and late summer, not mid summer to help ensure the survival of the fish. Pond owners bring a cooler filled with their pond water to use to transport the fish back to their pond. Feel free to inquire about different fish species for purchase. 

The Fall 2019 Fish Pick-Up Date is scheduled for September 27th, at 10am.
Please use the order form below to place your order by September 20th. A Grass Carp permit is required in order to place a grass carp order. 

Fall 2019 Fish Order Form  

Fish species typically sold include:

        Largemouth bass (sold 3-5'')      
Fathead minnow (sold 2-3'')
Black Crappie (sold 3-5'')

Bluegill (sold 3-6'')
Perch (sold 2-3'')

Triploid grass carp (sold 10-14'', DEC permit required)