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Genesee County Envirothon

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Genesee County Envirothon 

Envirothon is national high school scholastic competition, with the regional portion hosted annually at Genesee County Park & Forest. It is a great way for students to learn more about natural resources and conservation! 

Student teams learn from professionals through various outdoor workshops and hands-on activities. They have the chance to dig in the soil, identify trees, and examine pelts, feathers, and mounts. Teams then compete by taking team examinations on the material taught in the workshops and presenting their solution to the current issue topic. 

The winning team is awarded based on average highest score and qualifies to compete in the New York State Envirothon Competition. 

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Current Issue

How to Participate & Prepare:
The district will have a sign up for teams after the first of year and will introduce to the school's the current issue. Know that the spring semester is not too late to start! Schools are able to sign up in teams of five and are led by a teacher advisor. Each team will prepare a solution(s) to the current issue and present their findings during the oral presentation competition. They will then attend the different workshops and take team tests about the topics. 

For more information, contact the District at
(585) 343-2362x5.