Soil & Water

Conservation Programs: Technical

Agricultural Environmental Management (AEM) AEM
AEM is a voluntary, incentive-based program that helps all farmers operate environmentally sound and economically viable businesses. Soil and Water Conservation District staff assists farm operators in completing the Tiered AEM assessments. Producers who participate in AEM may be eligible for cost-share opportunities for Best Management Practices implementation.

Annual Conservation Tree, Shrub and Ground Cover Sale
Orders are accepted from January through early  March. Order forms can be printed from this website under the Tree & Shrub tab from January through March, or requested by calling the Soil and Water Conservation District at 343-2362x5.

Hydro Seeding
The Soil and Water Conservation District owns a FINN Hydro seeder that applies a custom blend of water, grass seed, fertilizer and wood mulch to areas requiring vegetation. This equipment is used for seeding recent construction projects completed through the District as well as assisting municipalities with seeding.

Planning, Surveying, and Design
The District offers planning, surveying, and design services for all Conservation Practices and Best Management Practices that may be implemented in the community. These services are available in association with grant-funded projects as well as private construction projects. Fees for these services vary depending upon the practices that are being installed.

Pond Assessments (Existing)
Do you have questions about weeds, fish, or problems with your existing pond? Our staff will visit your pond location to assess the pond and discuss alternatives for your specific issue. One assessment visit is provided at no charge to residents of Genesee County.

Pond Siting Assessment
Are you considering constructing a pond on your property? Many Genesee County towns require a technical review from the Soil and Water Conservation District before allowing ponds to be constructed. Our staff will visit your proposed pond site and evaluate the soils and drainage area in order to make a determination regarding the possible placement of a pond in your selected location. View the Pond Plan Checklist below for more information.

Soil Group Worksheets for Agricultural Assessment
Landowners who satisfy the minimum farm acreage and gross sales requirements may apply for an agricultural assessment, thereby effectively exempting the land's nonagricultural value from local real property taxes. A district technician can supply you with the Soil Group Worksheet for your property at $25 per worksheet.

Water Quality Monitoring Program
The goal of the monitoring program is to collect and compile data to assist in the development of effective plans to maintain, manage, and restore the watersheds throughout Genesee County. This data will serve as a database to make informed water quality management decisions, including watershed management planning, and to identify any changes or trends in discharge and nutrient data. The data will also be utilized to measure the success of future best management efforts and to suggest a priority listing of water quality goals.