NYS Enforcement Crackdowns

NYS High Visibility Engagement Campaigns

While STOP-DWI efforts across New York have led to significant reductions in the numbers of alcohol and drug related fatalities, still too many lives are being lost because of crashes caused by drunk or impaired drivers.  Highly visible, highly publicized efforts like the STOP-DWI High Visibility Campaigns aim to further reduce the incidence of drunk and impaired driving.  Research shows that high-visibility enforcement can reduce drunk driving fatalities by as much as twenty percent.  Sobriety checkpoints and roving patrols play a key part in raising awareness about the problem.

In a combined statewide effort to stop impaired driving, prevent injuries and save lives STOP-DWI Coordinators and their partners continue to engage the public with educational materials of the dangers of impaired driving while law enforcement officers take to the roads.  

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