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What is a Youth Bureau?
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What is the Youth Bureau?

The Genesee County Youth Bureau was established in 1971 to plan, coordinate, and supplement activities of public, private, and religious agencies devoted to the welfare and protection of youth.  The Bureau is responsible to the Chief Executive and funded, in part, by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services.

The Youth Bureau’s programs have grown and changed over the years, but its main purposes remain the same.  It assists with the development and funding of programs that encourage positive youth development.  These programs help motivate young people to develop a sense of responsibility and make a positive contribution to their communities. 

In order to develop strategies that effectively and efficiently meet the needs of young people, the Youth Bureau puts together a Comprehensive Plan that is evaluated every three years.  Appropriate goals and objectives are reached after surveys, studies, and needs assessments.  These results are incorporated into an annual plan that the staff executes throughout the year.

As they say, it takes an entire village to raise a child.  Because relationships with other agencies that share, in whole or in part, our mission are important, the Youth Bureau creates and maintains links throughout the county.  Some of these organizations offer resources, staff, and programming for direct services; others offer additional funding sources.

Provision of Services
Funding is available from the NYS Office of Children and Family Services to implement planning objectives.  Because local youth-serving agencies have a better idea of what their communities need, the Youth Bureau funds various outside programs.  The staff monitors and evaluates activities, and also works with other public and private funding and planning agencies to develop essential programs.

Community Development/Advocacy
The Youth Bureau is responsible for community education regarding youth issues, needs, and problems.  The objective is that community awareness and skills will evolve so the community itself becomes the most effective advocate for youth and families.

Youth Board 

The Youth Board is an advisory body with youth, municipality, and human service representatives.  These members are appointed by the Genesee County Legislature.  The board is responsible for setting goals, establishing priorities, recommending funding allocations, and program monitoring and evaluation.

Spreading Youth Development Statewide: The Association of NYS Youth Bureaus

New York State has 105 county, town, city and village Youth Bureaus. This network has grown steadily since 1945 and now encompasses all 62 counties including New York City. Youth Bureaus support youth development programs that address community identified needs. Community members, local businesses, human service professionals, educators, clergy, parents and young people are all a part of the planning process.

Founded in 1971, the Association of New York State Youth Bureaus (ANYSYB) has over 200 members representing Youth Bureaus and Youth Boards; not-for-profit youth service organizations and municipalities throughout New York State. The mission of the Association is to promote the physical, emotional and social well being of youth and families in New York State through a unified, statewide network of youth service programs and professionals.