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Youth Lead the Way: Genesee County-Wide SADD

“Promoting responsible decisions among all people to create a safe and health environment for GeneseeCounty

The Genesee County-Wide SADD Council has been in our community since 1990 through funding from Genesee County STOP-DWI.  Representatives from high schools in the County come together to discuss issues their peers face, empower themselves to become leaders in their schools and communities, share and network, and plan county-wide events for middle and high schoolers.

Originally Students Against Drunk Driving, this group of teens was committed to raising awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving.  In 1997, the National SADD Council changed both its acronym and mission to encompass more dangers young people face.  Becoming Students Against Destructive Decisions, the council evolved into a group of peer leaders challenging the social tolerance of many perilous behaviors in which youth engage.  National SADD’s mission is:

“To provide students with the best prevention and interventional tools possible to deal with the issues of underage drinking, drunk driving, drug abuse and other destructive decision.”

Our group is committed to empowering youth to make smart, informed decisions about things like smoking, suicide, binge drinking, violence, and drug use.  Throughout the school year, students are involved with many different activities, including

  • Dances for middle school students
  • Annual Youth Conference
  • Red Ribbon Week activities
  • Salvation Army bell ringing

If you would like more information about SADD, contact Chelsea Elliott, Advisor.