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According to the Center for Disease Control, approximately 6 million women become pregnant in the United States each year.   Genesee County Health Department is committed to identifying ways to improve women’s health before, during, and after pregnancy and to identifying strategies to improve the health and well-being of newborns and infants.  This is accomplished through programs that promote healthy lifestyles and improve early detection and prevention among women and infants at risk.

Maternal and Child Health

The Genesee County Health Department works to improve the health and well-being of children and families through its Maternal and Child Health Initiative. This initiative uses evidence-based home visiting programs (programs proven to be effective) to help improve outcomes for mothers and babies. The goals of the initiative are to:

  • Improve birth outcomes for high-risk pregnant women and their babies.
  • Improve children's health and development
  • Strengthen family functioning

Through home visits, the Community Health Nurses assess a new families' health and social support needs; provide information; and make referrals to needed services. The program works to improve outcomes for families in the following areas:

  1. Improved newborn health;
  2. Prevention of child abuse, neglect or maltreatment;
  3. Improved school readiness and achievement;
  4. Reduction in domestic violence;
  5. Improved family economic self-sufficiency; and
  6. Improved coordination and referrals for needed community resources and supports.

MOMS Program

The Genesee County Health Department collaborates with the United Memorial Medical Center to provide community outreach and promote the importance of early prenatal care.  Services are available to women who are under-insured or with no financial means of paying for prenatal care.

Shaken Baby Syndrome

Shaken Baby Syndrome is the name given to the many serious, and sometimes fatal, injuries and permanent disabilities that can occur when an infant is violently shaken.

 For More Information, speak to your health provider or call the Genesee County Health Department at 344-2580 ext. 5000.

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