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Republican Primary & Early Voting Information & Deadlines

Genesee County, NY – The Genesee County Board of Elections announces essential information regarding the upcoming Republican Primary Election on June 25, 2024. As New York State operates a closed primary system, only registered Republicans are eligible to vote in this primary election. The ballot includes a countywide Primary for US Congress and a local Town Council Republican unexpired term Primary for voters in Byron.

Early Voting Details:
There will be nine days of early voting beginning June 15th – June 23rd at the ARC Community Center, 38 Woodrow Rd., Batavia, NY 14020. The schedule is as follows:
• Saturday, June 15: 9:00 AM—5:00 PM
• Sunday, June 16: 9:00 AM—5:00 PM
• Monday, June 17: 9:00 AM—5:00 PM
• Tuesday, June 18: 12:00 PM—8:00 PM
• Wednesday, June 19: 12:00 PM—8:00 PM
• Thursday, June 20: 9:00 AM—5:00 PM
• Friday, June 21: 9:00 AM—5:00 PM
• Saturday, June 22: 9:00 AM—5:00 PM
• Sunday, June 23: 9:00 AM—5:00 PM

Primary Election Day:
On June 25, all polling sites will be open from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM and are accessible to all voters. To find your designated poll site, visit Voter Lookup or contact the Genesee County Board of Elections at (585) 815-7804.

Poll Site Change:
Please note that the Bergen poll site has been relocated from the Bergen Town Courtroom to the Gillam Grant Community Center, 6966 W. Bergen Rd., Bergen.

Absentee Ballot Information:
Voters can request an absentee ballot by contacting the Board of Elections or using the NY State Portal: Absentee Ballot Application.

Key deadlines include:
• June 15, 2024: Last day for the Board of Elections to receive absentee ballot applications.
• June 24, 2024: Last day to apply in person for an absentee ballot.
• June 25, 2024: Absentee ballots must be received by the poll site or Board of Elections by 9:00 PM.
• June 25, 2024: Last day to postmark a ballot, which must be received by July 2, 2024.
• July 2, 2024: Deadline for military/special federal absentee ballots to be received.

Voter Registration Deadlines:
• Applications must be received by the Board of Elections by June 15, 2024, to be eligible to vote in the Primary. The office will be open for registration from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM at County Building 1, 15 Main St., Batavia, NY 14402. Please use the elevator door entrance.

In-Person Registration:
You can register at the Genesee County Board of Elections or any state agency participating in the National Voter Registration Act on any business day throughout the year. To be eligible to vote in the Primary, your application must be received by June 15, 2024.

Address Changes:
All changes of address must be received by June 10, 2024.
If you have any questions or need registration forms or absentee applications, please contact the Genesee County Board of Elections at (585) 815-7804.