Accomplishments & Goals

Key 2017 Accomplishments

  • Awards Luncheon: The STOP DWI Program continues to try and reward and encourage outstanding efforts in the battle against drinking and driving.  The second annual STOP DWI Awards Luncheon was held in November, where the top DWI arresting officers and individuals making a meaningful impact in the battle against drinking and driving were honored.  This effort is being partnered with a poster contest for all Genesee County youth in 6th - 12th grades.  The winning artists were honored at the awards luncheon and their artwork was displayed on area billboards. 

  • Night at the Ballpark: The STOP DWI Program held its annual "Night at the Ballpark" in August as a way to educate the community on the dangers of drinking and driving.  Area youth were given free admission into the game, a t-shirt and "Muck Bucks" that could be used at the concession stand. Several law enforcement agencies were on hand.  Detective Matthew Wojtaszczyk was honored for his efforts in keeping drunk drivers off the road by having him throw out the first pitch.

  • DWI Accountability Program:This program adds supervision and monitoring component to first time DWI’s and reduced DWI cases for more accountability rather than simply collecting a fine.

Key 2018 Goals

  • Maintain the number of DWI Enforcement Nights conducted by the local police agencies over the 2017 activity.

  • Continue to reduce the number of alcohol related incidents on our roads and to produce fewer DWI arrests.

  • Continue the emphasis of education programs for youth such as Prom-Grad nights, and youth conferences so that we continue seeing the trend of reduction in drinking and driving in the 18 – 24 age group.

  • Increase visibility of STOP-DWI message through media and funding increased number of programs in community.

  • Continue with DWI Accountability Program that makes first time DWI convicted drivers more accountable for their actions by following a supervised program via a diversion agreement.

Budget Highlights

The 2018 budget provides for a balanced well rounded funding effort towards enforcement, prosecution, adjudication, education and treatment/rehabilitation.  The STOP DWI Program is fully committed to allocating all of the necessary resources to combat drinking and driving in Genesee County.