7 Main Street
Batavia, New York 14021
(585) 344-2550 Ext 2204

Program Coordinator: L. Matthew Landers

 Department Description

The STOP-DWI Program is a funding agency providing funds to County Departments and community agencies to implement programs designed to reduce the use and abuse of drugs and alcohol which eventually results in reducing the incidents of driving while intoxicated.  Programs funded fall into the categories of education, public information, enforcement, prosecution, treatment, and adjudication.  All funds are derived from fines collected from within the County from DWI convictions.  The community benefits from this program through stricter enforcement of DWI laws by police agencies resulting in arrests that get drunk drivers off the road and from education programs resulting in more young people rejecting alcohol abuse and making responsible decisions.  The agencies that receive the major share of the funding are the Sheriff’s Department, Batavia City Police, LeRoy Village Police, County Youth Bureau and Genesee Justice.


The mission of the STOP-DWI Program is to establish a county-wide program to combat the problem of intoxicated drivers in order to make our streets and roads the safest possible by removing drunk drivers through enforcement and preventing drunk driving through education.

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