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HELP Program Introduced in Genesee County

Genesee County Introduces Hiring Emergency Limited Placement (HELP) Program

Genesee County, NY - Genesee County is pleased to announce the implementation of the Hiring Emergency Limited Placement (HELP) Program for several key positions. The New York State Department of Civil Service has approved Genesee County’s participation in this temporary program to help local government employers address current staffing issues for critical health and safety titles. It aims to enhance recruitment efforts, increase the number of qualified candidates for open positions, and address candidates' concerns about test requirements for job retention for specified titles.

Under the HELP Program, the following titles have been approved:
1. Emergency Services Dispatchers
2. MH Clinical Therapists
3. MH Clinical Social Workers
4. Caseworkers
5. Social Welfare Examiners

Effective from May 17, 2023, to May 17, 2024, the HELP Program will temporarily eliminate the requirement for Civil Service testing for the approved titles. Candidates hired during this period will be placed in the non-competitive classification until May 17, 2024. Genesee County aims to attract highly skilled professionals to join its workforce by offering this streamlined hiring process.

The County's Human Resources Department will collaborate with the Department of Social Services, the Department of Mental Health, and the Sheriff's Office to facilitate the transition of current provisionals to the new program. Additionally, efforts will be made to recruit for other vacancies within the specified titles effectively.

While the Civil Service testing requirement is waived under the HELP Program, all candidates must still meet the minimum qualifications for their desired positions. The County remains committed to maintaining high standards and ensuring hired professionals are well-suited for their roles.

For further information or inquiries about the HELP Program, interested individuals are encouraged to contact the Genesee County Human Resources Department at 585-815-7805 or